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Business During New Normal

For Senior Pharma & Healthcare Professionals. Mediola Sponsored a webinar for Digital Healthcare Transformation.

We had our successful live webinar on 9th May, 2020 with Prof.Rajendra Pratap Gupta , Krishna M. singh , Amitabh Sinha.

Thought provoking and actionable proactive measures shared.

Prof Gupta gave his perspective on the change in Healthcare Industry dynamics. Pharma today has to quickly move towards digitisation as that is the only way to operate. Industry has to adopt and learn to live with this new normal. Prof. Gupta emphasised that due to 80% drop in patients visiting physical clinics, the time is right to adopt digital tools for the betterment of the industry.

Telemedicine, e-prescription, digital marketing is the only option.

Mr. Krishna Singh shared the statistics- 65% of Doctors have stopped practicing and 35% have reduced clinic timings due to the fear of COVID 19. Doctors are now more willing to work from home, and also for the safety of Frontline healthcare providers. Virtual Clinic is a need of the hour.

Mr. Amitabh Sinha elaborated on, how COVID19 has forced a change in perspective and behaviour. Digital distribution has now moved from being an alternative to being a necessity, as the ability to reach the market to collect order and payment is challenging. He guided us through a process of how digital distribution of Pharmaceuticals can be done.

It is Time for Action now!

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