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Mediola Seva

Application is devised keeping the current scenario of COVID 19 and to ease delivery of medicine to the general public. Mediola Seva assigns delivery boys to deliver products from stockist to chemist and Chemist to consumers.

Mediola Seva Dashboard
To ease delivery of goods Mediola has established a pincode wise network with delivery boys for stockists and chemists
Process of Delivery
Delivery boy will pick the product from stockist / chemist after getting a notification on his smartphone. He can confirm it is delivered once the product is given to the chemist / patient / consumer


  1. 1Download Mediola Seva from Playstore / Appstore.
  2. 2Area Wise delivery boys are assigned.
  3. 3Stockist and Chemist can opt for delivery boy once the order is finalized.
  4. 4The Delivery boy will get a notification to deliver the product to the chemist/consumer in his assigned area.
  5. 5Delivery boys can pick the product and deliver it to the chemist/consumer and confirm it is delivered.